Saturday, July 29, 2006

" Icebear & icecream" on Kunya

" EDM Challenge #77 - Cool" on Margaret Hunt

my two fav ways to keep cool other than air conditioning when the temp spikes to 95 with the humidity the heat factor was 105 yesterday but not a drop of sweat from me...I was chillin as the kids say....

SCquiltaddict - Margaret Hunt

"Lucky Dog: EDM #77" on Kay Cox

I saw this picture in the N Y Times and thought , "Now, that is cool."

A Gypsy's Sketch Book

"back-to-the-future-tuesday" on Melissa

Photo taken almost five years ago at Epcot Center in Florida.
Winsor & Newton on W&N Cottman Paper
Actual size approx 11×14

melissa’s art journal

On Tami

Some days I feel like my paintings might come out just as well if I turned to paint brush with the brushes up and the handle to the paper! yesterday morning felt like that. I was really unhappy with my "cold" painting, but then I did the Morning Glories and this morning, the Fountain Grass, and they came out fine.... I love the movement this grass adds to the garden!

Lines On Paper

" Strawberry Basket" on Lin

... after sketching from photos most of the week (late nights and late work!!), I wanted to get back to some plein air. So I sat on my shaded porch and sketched my strawberry basket (sketchbook style)...

View From the Oak


After frustrating myself with earlier watercolors, I'm determined to practice this artform until I can figure out what I'm doing ...!

To that end, I've attempted something a bit more difficult for me ... ice cubes. I found a really neat photo to practice from ... and while the cubes are mighty kerwonkety, I've learned a bit more about wetting the paper first ... letting it dry... scrapping .... removing ... etc., etc....

View From the Oak

Friday, July 28, 2006

"Clean" on Teri C.

The theme at Illustration Friday this week is 'clean'.

And I lucked out again, well......... I stretched the topic a bit with these 'clean' aquatic plants that were growing in 'clean' water :)

Teri's Painted Daisies

"Rosarium Two" on Karen Winters

This was painted on location at Descanso Gardens at about 10 in the morning. The light is similar to that in Vista del Arroyo a few days ago and Rosarium Haze, only the sky was a bit clearer, so it’s not quite so hazy.

The page is 9 x 12, painted with tube watercolors, a dixie cup and a sable brush. If things go according to plan, I’ll also be making an oil painting from this sketch.

The Creative Journey » Rosarium Two

" a few more mountain drawings??!" on Margaret Hunt

The lilies were done with watercolor pencils and the rhododenrons were done with a combination of watercolor pencils and watercolor oil pastel stuff....

SCquiltaddict - Margaret Hunt

"Heuchera" by Kris Shanks

pencil sketch colored with colored pencils and further messed with in photoshop

heuchera on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

"My Muse" on Allana

Now that Tad is back, I find that I focus in on him to draw...there's just something infinitely more interesting about a human being than a glass of water or a shelf of books to draw. Trooper that he is, on an evening when I needed to sketch before we settled in to watch a movie, he decided to be a model for me. He did various poses for me to sketch. I liked the five minute pose best...

 Painted Cats

"Monday night treasures" on Robyn


That is why I love our Monday evening art classes. It is two and a half hours to just dedicate to making marks on paper. I don't have to think about students or housework or being a career, just about the reference, the paper and the medium.

This week Mark had a lucky dip bag of objects wrapped up in his little girl's nappies - laundered, of course. We all chose and I ended up with this little wooden chest. The next thing we had to do was think about words that described the essential elements of the thing that we had chosen. The little box was rough, rustic, old, mysterious ...

Scratches & Scribbles

"EDM #77 Draw something cold" by Kunya

Nice challenge.
I think I'm going to draw some more...if the weather stays as hot as it is now.

Kunya's art challenges: EDM #77 Draw something cold

"staring into the swimming pool" by Jane LaFazio

I swam laps today, for 30 minutes. Afterwards, I tried to channel David Hockney, and painted the colors of the swimming pool.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Aboriginal artefacts" by Penny

Adelaide for 3 days, I had Monday to myself so I went walking all around the town and ended up at the Museum looking at the Aboriginal stuff. It is quite fascinating, but hard to draw as it was dark, and no seats!


St. George's Fountain by Christeen

I was inspired by the EDM Challenge to draw some landmark from your city. This is from my soon to be city, downtown Guelph. This is a drinking fountain made of concrete and bronze- it's part of the larger fountain in St. George Square.

The Swan & The Thistle

EDM 77 COOL by Lin

I sketched this river scene from a photo reference for EDM 77 "COOL" - and loved the photo I found for it (modified by the errors I made!!!) -- I like this sketch better than my azalea garden, but I have a LONG way to go ....

View From the Oak

"Clouds on the crest, part 2" on Karen's blog

Remember that charcoal drawing of clouds over the mountains I did a few weeks ago - a value study?
Well, I finally got around to turning it into a painting and decided to be adventurous and try something in oils.

The Creative Journey

"EDM # 76" on Jan Harris

at 104 degrees outside, I had to get it done quickly this morning before the heat of the day hit.

the ups and downs of art and life

"EDM Challenge 76" on In My spare time...

I decided to re-live the heady days of only a couple of months ago, when I discovered how inspiring it can be to participate in the EDM Challenges, so I looked it up to see what was there to do. Flowers?! What a coincidence! I've been having a bit of a flowery week after being flowerless for a long time. Ok! my spare time

"EDM Challenge #2" on Arty Velarde

This is EveryDay Matters Challenge #2. Draw a desk lamp.It grew in size as I worked toward the bottom.

Arty Velarde

"Max on the Windowsill" on Felicity

#2 of the Cats in the Family series! Things could get a little complicated because Max isn't one of Mum's cats but he does live at the house part-time. After months of sheer determination and simply ignoring Big and Little Cat's attempts to chase him away from the cat biscuits (nipping in the back door every morning), he is now one of the gang.

Felicity's Philosophies and Other Curiosities

"EDM Challenge #77" on Teri's Painted Daisies

The challenge at Everyday Matters this week was to draw something cold because of the heat across the nation.

Teri's Painted Daisies

"Cathe's Book" on Nickieblog

This is a page that I did for Cathe's deco "Creative Edge", which is going to be sent around PHAP's members.


"Not So Special" on SketchyDetails

I’ve deflowered the moleskine myth. They aren’t special. I’m going to use it all the time. Even for things that aren’t ’special.’

melissa’s art journal